Munich Airport Guide to Munich Airport (MUC)

Munich Airport Parking

If you need to park your car for a few hours or days at Munich Airport (MUC), it offers a wide rank of Parking possibilities near the passenger Terminals (it is always recommended to book in advance online to save money). In total Munich Airport Parking has around 30.000 parking spaces (16.500 of them covered):

P41 Parking

P41 Parking (north and south) offer special fees starting from 19 euros. Very useful: keep your parking bill, so you and your companions can travel with Bus or with S-Bahn at the Airport. Book your parking space in advance and make sure to benefit from the special online offers.

P80 and P81 Parking

P80 and P81 Parking (north and south) have special parking fees starting from 19 euros as well. It is also very useful to keep your parking bill so you can later travel for free (Bus or S-Bahn) at the Airport. Book your parking space in advance online so you can benefit from the special online offers.

Premium Parking

P20 Parking garage offers a special, personal and comfortable service. At floor 6 you’ll find this Premium Parking service, which includes 24 h of watchfulness, but also other Premium services. Book your Premium Parking space online in advance and check all the benfits you can have. 

Valet Parking

Valet Parking is an exclusive and perfect service if you need to get your car parked. Just calling 30 minutes in advance you can get at Munich Airport, leave the keys of your car to the airport staff and forget about finding a suitable parking space. The same service if offered for the returning trips, you can call 30 minutes in advance to notify you are arriving so the airport staff will wait for you. You will find Valet Parking service at Terminal 1 (A to E areas) and at Terminal 2 (floor 4). The price is 19€ for dropping off the car and 19€ for returning the vehicle. 

Another added service is the Valet E-Charge service. You can ask to get your car charged (electric vehicle) so you don’t have to worry when you pick it up when you come back, it will be ready when you arrive.

Parking and Shopping

If you wish just to stop by at Munich Airport (MUC) and shop you can use this option: use the P20 Parking, with bills from 20€ and up to 3 hours it is for free. Munich Airport counts with more than 230 shops, bars, restaurants and many other services.

Special Prices and Discounts

Munich Airport also counts with a special offer for those ones going on holidays (starting from the Bavarian School Holidays). You can use this special Parking offer in Parkings P5, P7 or P20. All of them are near the terminals. Parking prices for 7 days start from 79€. There is also a very useful special Parking offers for short trips from Friday to Monday in Parking P7 starting from 29€. Check it online to see all the benefits it has.

Special options

Any disabled passenger with the identity card with the code “aG, BI or H” will receive a 50% of discount on Parking spaces. But Munich Airport also has parking spaces for women. They are located near Terminal 1, near the entrance. Also, in P20, near Terminal 2, you’ll find women’s spaces at row D at floor 3. There are also spaces near the free electric chargers, so you can leave your car charging and when you come back it will be completely charged; they are located in P20 (floor 5 of departures area) and P3 (floor 3).

Parking Management Center: +49 89 975 222