Munich Airport Informational Guide to Munich International Airport (MUC) - Non Official

Munich Airport Parking

P41 Parking

There is free transfer to the terminal. 


Starting at 19 euros per day.

 P41 north/south and P80 east/west

There are uncovered spaces and free transfer to terminals. 


Prices starting at 39 euros per week. 

Car park P81 and P80

These parking offers a good price and transfer service to the terminals. 


19€ per day. 

Premium Parking

It is located in level 6. It is a separate area and has 24 hour surveillance. Additional services such as car wash, interior cleaning, refueling, among others, are available. 


19 euros plus parking rates. 

Valet Parking

There is Valet parking service at both terminals. We recommend to call at least 30 minutes in advanced.


19€ plus parking rates. 

Parking and Shopping

There is a parking option, P20, for people that want to spend the day shopping at the airport.


First three hours free, then fares start at 20€.

Pick up and drop off

There is a kiss and ride area in front of Terminal 1 and 2. There is a drop off area (kiss and fly) with 5 minutes free parking and a pick up area (kiss and ride) where passengers have 10 minutes free of charge.

In the different parking areas passengers will find options for passengers with reduced mobility as long as spaces with free electric chargers.